Webcam Image: Hwy 19 at Port Alice Rd

Hwy 19 at Port Alice Rd
Hwy 19 at Hwy 30 (Port Alice Rd) junction, between Port Hardy and Port McNeill, looking south.
Webcam Image: Woss

Hwy 19, 75 km south east of Port McNeill and 128 km north of Campbell River, looking east.
Webcam Image: Tsitika

Hwy 19, Tsitika, 101 km north of Campbell River and about 27 km south of Woss, looking south-east.
Webcam Image: Roberts Lake

Roberts Lake
Hwy 19, 31 km north of Campbell River, looking north.
Webcam Image: Black Creek

Black Creek
Hwy 19 at Hamm Road, about 25 km north of Courtenay, looking north.
Webcam Image: Cook Creek Road

Cook Creek Road
Hwy 19 at Cook Creek Road, about 29 km north of Parksville, looking north.
Webcam Image: French Creek Bridge

French Creek Bridge
Hwy 19 at French Creek Bridge, south of Hwy 4 intersection, looking northwest.
Webcam Image: Nanaimo Parkway

Nanaimo Parkway
Hwy 19 at College Drive, looking north.
Image Temporarily Unavailable.Gold River Highway
Hwy 28, (Gold River Hwy) about 24 km west of Campbell River, looking west.