Image Temporarily Unavailable.Bombi Pass

Hwy 3, at the Bombi Summit, approximately 21.5 km south-east of Castlegar, looking west.

Webcam Image: Salmo
SalmoHwy 3 at Hwy 6, looking west on Hwy 3.
Webcam Image: Kootenay Pass
Kootenay PassHwy 3, Salmo Creston Highway Summit, looking east.
Webcam Image: Creston
CrestonJunction of Hwy3 and Hwy3A at Creston, looking southeast.
Webcam Image: Yahk
YahkHwy 3 at Hwy 95, Yahk Weigh Scale, looking north-east.
Webcam Image: Cranbrook
CranbrookHwy3/95 at 9th Ave. in Cranbrook, looking northeast.
Webcam Image: Morrissey
MorrisseyHwy 3, about 10km south of Fernie at Morrissey Jct, looking north.
Webcam Image: Hosmer
HosmerHwy 3, in Hosmer, north of Fernie, looking north-east
Webcam Image: Sparwood
SparwoodHwy 3 at Sparwood weigh scale, about 2 km west of the Alberta border, looking south-east.
Webcam Image: Balfour Ferry Terminal
Balfour Ferry TerminalBalfour inland ferry terminal, looking north towards Hwy 3A.
Webcam Image: Kootenay Bay Ferry Terminal
Kootenay Bay Ferry TerminalKootenay Bay Ferry Terminal, looking northeast on Hwy3A.
Webcam Image: Strawberry Pass
Strawberry PassHwy 3B, about 15 km north of Rossland and 4 km south of summit, looking north.
Webcam Image: Rossland
RosslandHwy 3B at Hwy 22 (Rossland Weigh Scale) looking west on Hwy 22.
Webcam Image: Trail
TrailHwy 3B at Devito Drive, looking east.
Webcam Image: Clearwater - N
Clearwater – NHwy 5 at Clearwater Valley Rd, looking north.
Webcam Image: Clearwater - S
Clearwater – SHwy 5 at Clearwater Valley Rd, looking south.
Webcam Image: Little Fort
Little FortHwy 5, in Little Fort at Hwy 5/Hwy 24 junction, looking north.
Webcam Image: Barriere
BarriereHwy 5 at Agate Bay Rd, south of Barriere. Looking south.
Webcam Image: Walloper
WalloperHwy 5, 23 km South of Kamloops, looking north.
Webcam Image: Helmer Lake
Helmer LakeHwy 5, 24 km north of Merritt at Helmer Interchange, looking north.
Webcam Image: Larson Hill
Larson HillHwy 5 at Larson HIll, 36 km south of Merritt, looking north.
Webcam Image: Coquihalla Lakes
Coquihalla LakesHwy 5, 61km south of Merritt, looking north.
Webcam Image: Coquihalla Summit - N
Coquihalla Summit – NHwy 5, at Zopkios, near the Coquihalla Summit, looking north.
Webcam Image: Coquihalla Summit - S
Coquihalla Summit – SHwy 5, at Zopkios, near the Coquihalla Summit, looking south.
Webcam Image: Coquihalla Great Bear Snowshed
Coquihalla Great Bear SnowshedGreat Bear Snowshed looking north.
Webcam Image: Othello - N
Othello – NHwy 5 at Othello, about 11 km east of Hope, looking north.
Webcam Image: Othello - S
Othello – SHwy 5 at Othello, about 11 km east of Hope, looking south.
Image Temporarily Unavailable.Monashee Pass

Hwy 6, 83 km east of Vernon, looking westbound.

Webcam Image: Fauquier Ferry
Fauquier FerryHwy 6 at Fauquier ferry landing, looking east.
Webcam Image: Needles Ferry
Needles FerryHwy 6 at Needles ferry landing, looking west.
Webcam Image: Nakusp
NakuspJunction of Hwy 6 and Hwy 23 in Nakusp, looking south along Hwy 6.
Webcam Image: New Denver
New DenverHwy 6 at Hwy 31A in New Denver, looking north.
Webcam Image: Nelson
NelsonHwy 6 near Hwy 3A and Rosemont/Uphill interchange, looking south.
Webcam Image: Hagensborg
HagensborgHwy 20, between Bella Coola and Hagensborg, looking west.
Webcam Image: Heckman Summit
Heckman SummitHwy 20, about 88 km from Bella Coola, near gate at top of Bella Coola hill, looking west.
Webcam Image: Anahim Lake
Anahim LakeHwy 20, near Anahim Lake, about 140 km east of Bella Coola, looking west.